CollabOS Version 1.8.711

CollabOS est le logiciel d’exploitation basé sur Android des appareils dédiés à la visioconférence Logitech comme la Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini, Tap et RoomMate.

Voici le changelog anglais de la version 1.8.711 sortie le 20 Mars 2023 et qui concerne les Rally Bar :


  • Zoom Rooms Appliance: Fixed an issue where the serial number of Rally Bar/ Rally Bar Mini was shown instead of the MAC address in the ZDM portal.
  • Zoom Rooms Appliance: Fixed an issue where the Zoom Room controllers would freeze and become disconnected from the ZDM portal.
  • Teams Rooms on Android: Fixed an issue where the language configuration from Teams Admin Center profile was getting applied incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where certain devices provisioned to Sync would not see the CollabOS update
  • Fixed an issue where Screenshare mode shows a white screen when using certain HDMI dongles.


  • RightSight 2 Grid View is now available for Teams Rooms on Android: Grid View settings can be configured on-device, via Local Network Access, or using the Sync portal.
  • Support for Three Displays in Zoom Rooms: Three-display support is available for using a USB-to-Display Adapter. For more information check out the prosupport articles.


  • Time zones with Daylight Saving Time includes the addition of summer and standard time for timezone selection in countries such as the United States, Germany, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, the Netherlands, France, Finland, and Germany, which all respect daylight saving timezone offsets
  • Microphone Performance: Improvements to the dereverberation algorithm to make the in-room participant’s voice sound more natural

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